Random thoughts

Lots of changes around here.

My wife and I are officially empty-nesters: our youngest is off to college. The amount of cooking that doesn’t need to happen any more is truly amazing. That said, the SimpleTimer still helps me to cook fish once in a while – just a lot less of it. The flounder in particular turns out well – the timing is essential with these thin tender fillets.

Perhaps I should start posting the recipes.

The SimpleSteak still does a perfect timing job. I just buy a single 1.5″ thick Porterhouse once in a while, grill it (rare, of course) and my wife and I split it.

Oh, and I used TTime to make a very good pu-ehr for myself a few minutes ago.

The whole Painted Cubes thing started as a hobby/study project: I just wanted to play with Android. It certainly took me much further than I anticipated.

The Labor day usage for SimpleSteak was way up. The other apps are getting good use as well. Life is good.

Happy grilling!