Two years and counting..

The Painted Cubes opened for business about two years ago. SimpleSteak reached the beta stage by the end of April 2016. That is, I used it for the first time, and it worked. I tested SimpleSteak for a couple weeks, fixed a few bugs, and released it into the wild just before the Memorial Day of 2016.

SimpleTimer followed; eventually I added two specialized timers, one for burgers, one for making green tea. I happen to like Chinese tea, and making it properly requires precise timing.

I still use all four apps. SimpleSteak for steaks; SimpleBurger for burgers; TTime to make tea. SimpleTimer, for cooking.

The original intent for SimpleTimer was to help with long cooking projects – making a stuffed duck was what I really wanted help with. That worked; however, where SimpleTimer really shines is frying flounder fillets. The trick there is to cook the fillets just enough – one minute per side. An extra minute, and the fillet turns into rubber. I just set the timer to chime once a minute for fifteen minutes, and use it as a guide to flip/remove the fillets. Works like a charm.